A group of independent insurance brokerage firms have launched Equity Risk Partners Global (ERP Global), a worldwide insurance broker alliance focused exclusively on the needs of the private equity (PE) sector.

ERP Global will be comprised of international brokerages in countries where there will be a significant amount of private equity activity, who will be redefining the role of the insurance broker in global private equity through collaboration.

ERP Global concept is the creation of equity risk partners, a US-based insurance brokerage and risk management consulting firm that has been servicing the needs of the private equity industry for over a decade.

ERP Global will allow brokers to pool their resources and talents in order to increase efficiency in due diligence using a unified approach. Through the use of technology, brokers around the world will be able to respond whenever one of the members is engaged on a new deal, thereby taking advantage of the unique experiences and abilities each broker offers.

Michael Marcon, CEO of Equity Risk Partners, said: We are excited to be a part of this landmark alliance that connects insurance brokers and private equity firms on a global scale.

”With the expertise of our member brokers and our ability to access previously untapped resources, the collaborative efforts of these brokers have the ability to have a significant positive impact on private equity transactions. This venture establishes the best global alliance of insurance professionals in the private equity space.

Alexander Waal, managing director of Dorens & De Waal Amsterdam, said: We consider this collaboration not only a reward for our professional attitude, but also a great challenge to further materialize our excellent working relationship with member brokers worldwide.