Insurance Administrative Solutions (IAS), a third party administration company in the life and health insurance industry for medicare supplement, has named Mark Postove as senior vice president and director of information technology.

Mr Postove had entered the actuarial profession in 1976 and became an associate of the Society of Actuaries. He was an independent software developer prior to joining IAS. He joined IAS in 1998 and now oversees the applications, systems, and model office areas of the company’s IT department and business development to developing software and programming capabilities for customers.

In his new role, Postove will become more involved with new business development and will focus on developing new software and programming capabilities for existing customers.

Randy Samples, president of Insurance Administrative Solutions, said: As a leading provider of third party administration solutions through innovative, custom-built platforms, it is critical that we have a robust and adaptable IT department that can respond quickly to our clients’ needs.

“Mark is working on several new initiatives that we are very excited about because they will give our customers access to more resources to help them run their businesses more efficiently and profitably, and that is our fundamental mission.”