Sales and regulatory automation solutions provider Insurance Technologies has added new new pre-sale and account opening activities to its FireLight Sales Platform.


Image: Insurance Technologies brings new capabilities to sales platform Photo: Courtesy of Markus Spiske/Unsplash.

FireLight Pre-Sale Functions sales component accelerates onboarding by simplifying pre-sale data capture, authorization, qualification and client management processes with rules-driven data collection, assessment, e-signature and review capabilities.

FireLight Pre-Sale Functions further streamlines the sales process and connected data, facilitating compliant and suitable sales. Information gathered in FireLight Pre-Sale Functions is fully integrated into other sales activities within FireLight for complete and unified sales data.

FireLight Pre-Sale Functions perform various pre-sale activities such as:

Account opening

Needs capture and determination

Custodial/trust account opening

Field underwriting

Needs calculators

Advisor/Agent contracting

Product filtering/selection

Fee & expense repository and disclosures

Pre-sale authorization and disclosures

Insurance Technologies product management vice president Katherine Dease said: “The sales process starts long before the application process begins. Agents meet with clients to collect details on the client’s needs, run illustrations, and then move into the sales process. With FireLight Sales Platform we want our users to be able to manage the entire sales process from a single system in an efficient manner with no re-entry of data.

“From a ‘know your client’ standpoint, the FireLight Pre-Sale Functions sales component not only streamlines the pre-sale to sale workflow, but it also creates a fully defensible workflow with a complete audit of all data collected. With all of the regulatory changes focusing on Best Interest, this is exactly what firms need.”

Source: Company Press Release