With Applied Epic for Salesforce from Applied Systems, Insurance Office of America can enhance its lead and opportunity management of its sales

Insurance Office of America.

Insurance Office of America selects Applied Systems’ sales automation solution. (Credit: Pixabay/Free-Photos)

Insurance Office of America, a US-based insurance agency, has selected Applied Systems to automate its sales operations through its Applied Epic for Salesforce solution.

Applied Epic for Salesforce is claimed to have been built specifically to cater to the needs of the insurance industry on the Salesforce platform and is available on Salesforce AppExchange.

With the new solution, Insurance Office of America is expected to enhance its lead and opportunity management while simultaneously its back-office is automated.

The solution can automate the front office workflows of insurers and brokerages and integrate with Applied Epic, an agency management system, allowing producers and servicing staff to work together via an automated system where bi-directional transfer of data, documents and activity notifications takes place.

Applied Epic solution will integrate front-office and back-office operations

The front office functionality includes customer relationship management (CRM), lead/pipeline management, customer marketing and renewal opportunities, along with native Salesforce functionality and access to the Salesforce AppExchange.

As it is built on the Salesforce platform, the solution can work across several Salesforce clouds, with enhanced abilities for Salesforce Financial Services Cloud (FSC) for Insurance.

Insurance Office of America regional president Bruce Eades said: “Prior to Applied Epic for Salesforce, our sales team and CSRs were working in two different systems, causing a lack of visibility between the two teams and time wasted rekeying data into each system.

“Applied Epic for Salesforce will connect our sales organisation and provide access to the data needed to manage sales from the opportunity to win to servicing, driving shorter sales cycles and a stronger book of business.”

Applied Systems product management executive vice president Michael Howe said: “In today’s digital age, agencies are looking to technology to bring smarter more efficient processes across all roles in the agency, not just traditional servicing roles.

“Applied Epic for Salesforce will provide Insurance Office of America with the power to align sales, marketing, and services, enabling them to move customers and prospects through the insurance lifecycle.”

Last month, Applied Systems introduced Applied Epic for Salesforce, bringing automation and integration across front office and back office operations for insurers and brokerages.