Insential has joined with Vela Insurance Services to offer an exclusive liquor program for bars, night clubs, restaurants and special events to be written on Gemini Insurance Company paper.

According to Insential, the program will provide a package of general liability and liquor liability coverages. The liquor liability will also be offered on a monoline basis. The program will be offered through the company to wholesale brokers and retail agents in 50 states.

The company said that this program is available for bars, night clubs, restaurants, bowling alleys, package stores, banquet halls, special events, caterers and other similar risks. The coverages are efficient and will include the availability to add assault and battery coverage.

Darwin Lucas, president of Insential, said: The initial responses from our current distribution partners have been very positive. Word of the program’s development was leaked to the public, and we’ve received dozens of submissions already. We will now be able to more effectively compete on establishments with lower liquor receipts, and on restaurants and it gives us an A+ rated market for our higher liquor receipt accounts.