INSCOR, an insurance national consulting and marketing organization, is in talks with National Mass Social Welfare Scheme (MSWS) of Ghana to provide insurance for replacement of any member-issued welfare cards that are lost or stolen.

MSWS is planning to issue cards to each of its 18 million current members as well as future members under a new program.

As part of the new program, MSWS will provide affordable housing, educational grants, and the provision of capital to help set up new businesses.

The welfare organization expects participation of 650 million subscribers throughout Africa in the program.

MSWS Ghana president De-Ben Selassie Elikplim said that the program is motivated by the vast social challenges of the masses across Africa.

"Our program is currently established in all 215 Metropolitan, Municipal, and District Assemblies in Ghana and seeks to play a major role in the transformation of millions of poor and vulnerable people across the country," Elikplim added.