ING USA Annuity and Life Insurance Company is planning to introduce new ING Envoy Fixed Index Annuity family of products featuring improved withdrawal flexibility for clients and an international index element.

The new ING Envoy family of annuities’ features compliments an existing stable of ING US fixed annuity products designed to guarantee asset protection, provide increased interest crediting potential, and offer the ING IncomeProtector Withdrawal Benefit that provides guaranteed payments for life and some built-in inflation protection.

The ING Envoy Fixed Index Annuity products features are designed on the basis of ‘windows of opportunity’ that allows full or partial withdrawals without incurring surrender charges or market value adjustments. Each ING Envoy annuity is designed with a nine-year surrender schedule that provides clients with full access to their accumulation values at varying intervals.

Chad Tope, senior vice president of ING Fixed Annuities, said: While clients and their agents are attracted to ING US fixed annuity protection and payment guarantees, many have also expressed an interest in more flexible withdrawal options for accessing their money. ING Envoy products offer that flexibility while still providing the many advantages of ING US fixed annuities.