Global financial services provider ING has announced that it is partnering with Hueler Investment Services to offer ING Income Provider, a single premium fixed immediate annuity, on Hueler's Income Solutions platform.

Income Solutions offers an out-of-plan annuity selection program that makes the plan providers and sponsors to provide their employees and retirees with a way to convert a portion of their workplace savings into a guaranteed source of retirement income.

Income Solutions program allows individuals to purchase institutionally priced annuities with their defined contribution plan assets. It was created specifically for ‘transitioning investors’ who have reached a point in their lives where they want or need to convert a portion of their retirement nest egg into a reliable income stream.

Kelli Hueler, CEO of Hueler Investment Services, added: ING’s size, credit-worthiness, and experience in institutional markets were critical in determining their participation on the Income Solutions platform. With the addition of ING, the Income Solutions platform is now able to offer transitioning investors choice from up to ten high quality providers.