ING Employee Benefits has announced the launch of its new critical illness insurance product, Premier Critical Illness insurance, which is designed to provide additional financial protection for enrolled participants in the event they experience a critical illness.

The new product is currently available to employers to add to their benefit portfolios with coverage effective beginning January 1, 2008. Premier Critical Illness insurance can provide added support and security by paying an immediate lump-sum benefit following the diagnosis of one of several specified diseases or illnesses.

Curt Olson, president of ING Employee Benefits for US, said: We cannot ignore these staggering statistics. They are medical realities we all face in one way or another. As a leader in the insurance business, ING fully recognizes the emotional and financial impacts a serious illness has on individuals and their families. Our Premier Critical Illness insurance was created to meet these needs and help provide peace of mind when dealing with the uncertainties of life.