ING's US Retirement Services operations has been selected as a new service provider for the Howard University & Howard University Hospital savings plan.

Dutch Insurer said that the employees of the Howard University and Howard University Hospital, who participate in the program will be able to choose ING to provide and administer their retirement benefits options, as of 1 April 2011.

Howard University and Howard University Hospital employ approximately 6,700 individuals. The savings program, which consists of a 403(b) and a 457 plan, has more than $750m in assets under management.

ING said educators and staff at the university will have access to its local representatives, who will be available for face-to-face meetings with participants on a group or individual basis.

It said employees will also be able to leverage its range of financial literacy and planning resources to help them determine if they’re on track to reach their financial objectives in retirement.

ING US Retirement Services president of public markets Brian Comer said that ING offers a complete package of products, services, resources and support.