US Insurance division of ING has introduced a new service, the ING Global Life Concierge Program, designed to enhance the experience for ING IUL-Global Plus and SOLAR insurance arrangement customers.

ING’s Global Life Concierge Program helps agents, employers and policy-holders to navigate the details involving retirement income distributions and tax considerations of the ING Indexed Universal Life-Global Plus as well as Self-Owned Life and Retirement (SOLAR) insurance arrangements.

Commenting on the programme, ING US Insurance president of retail life distribution Daniel Mulheran said the goal of new Global Life Concierge Program is to deliver a ‘white glove’ experience by guiding customers through the more nuanced aspects of ING IUL-Global Plus.

"Agents and their clients will appreciate the personalized support that comes with this service, while employers can leverage it as an added benefit for their most valued employees. The program is another example of how ING examines the needs in the market and develops solutions that set a higher standard," Mulheran added.

The program offers access to a trained service team, which provides customized distribution calculations, addresses questions on premiums, loans, and illustrations as well as helps in finding ways to maximize distribution income.

Additional support also involves annual policy reviews, illustrations and assistance in establishing and monitoring the distribution process.
Issued by Security Life of Denver Insurance, the program will be made available to customers of ING’s Indexed Universal Life-Global Plus (ING IUL-Global Plus).

ING IUL-Global Plus is a life insurance product designed for employers with a SOLAR insurance arrangement.

The SOLAR arrangement provides employees with supplement retirement income through a cash-value life insurance policy, in addition to providing death benefit coverage.