Infosys has introduced a new health insurance exchange platform, Health Benefit Exchange, designed to help states set up the insurance exchanges as mandated in the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Infosys said the solution allows payers to market plans more efficiently and offers the ability to utilize exchanges to get fast, personalized quotes, to more than one hundred million people.

Through the solution, user can also have access to insurance-related tools such as real-time eligibility verification and enrollment, cost-of-coverage calculators, and tax-deferred savings accounts and other support services designed to expedite and simplify finding, purchasing, and managing the most appropriate plan.

The solution integrates insurance, clinical and financial data that support new regulations and the complex insurance market with customizable rule engines, providing additional functionality to ensure value as health reform rolls out and new technologies are put into place to support care and coverage.

An additional 30 million Americans are set to be covered under the ACA, and millions more are expected to use the state exchanges to compare and enroll in health insurance options, Infosys said.

Infosys’ Health Benefit Exchange solution will also offer educational features about specific insurance topics for both patients and benefit administrators.

Infosys Public Services CEO Eric Paternoster said that Health Insurance Exchange Platform is secure and comprehensive. The solutions will serve individual state constituents’ and carriers’ unique needs as well as provide employers and individuals to access affordable insurance.