Partnership will provide CAA member agency customers with a premier digital application solution


Image: Indio Technologies partners with Combined Agents of America. Photo: Courtesy of Adam Radosavljevic from Pixabay.

Indio Technologies, a workflow software platform for property and casualty insurance providers, today announced a partnership with Combined Agents of America (CAA). Through the partnership, CAA agencies will gain access to the Indio platform and capabilities to create a digital property and casualty insurance application and renewal process for their clients. By harnessing the Indio technology, member agencies will increase employee productivity, especially as it relates to data collection, and will provide a modernized customer experience.

Indio’s platform brings the paper-intensive application process online and allows companies to complete their insurance applications and renewals in a fraction of the time it has historically taken. The platform is powered by a database of 7,000+ digitally-enhanced “smart” insurance applications and secure document storage. The “smart” forms autofill duplicate information across documents so questions only need to be answered once, reducing the time it takes to complete each form, as well as reducing the risk for human error.

“Everything is digitized in the world we now live in,” said A.J Lovitt, CEO of CAA. “Clients are accustomed to completing almost everything online.  The extensive paperwork associated with insurance applications can seem extremely daunting. By partnering with Indio, we are modernizing the experience for CAA members and their clients and improving the process overall, which is a win-win in our book.”

The partnership will provide immense value for CAA agency brokers as it will allow them to increase their efficiency and spend more time providing value to their clients by acting as strategic advisors, as well as insurance brokers. Both CAA and Indio see brokers as crucial pieces of the insurance industry and are committed to empowering them to do their jobs better – and more efficiently – than ever before.

“We at Indio are thrilled to partner with CAA as their values and views on the importance of empowering brokers aligns perfectly with our own,” said Michael Furlong, CEO and Co-founder of Indio Technologies. “We know the broker is a key piece of the insurance industry that can never be replaced. Our mission at Indio is to provide brokers with the tools they need to offer an effective digital experience for the application and renewal process for the insureds.”

CAA is comprised of 68 independent insurance agencies located throughout 7 states, TX, OK, KS, NE, CO, MO, & IA, all of whom will now have an opportunity to access to the Indio platform. CAA agencies will also be provided with ongoing education from Indio in the form of industry insights, educational webinars, best practice reports, and more to ensure they constantly remain on the cutting edge of industry innovation.

Source: Company Press Release