India is reportedly planning to introduce the new public health insurance scheme for all, as part of the proposed programme, Universal Health Assurance Mission (UHAM), to improve the health infrastructure in the country.


The new insurance scheme will be offered free for all individuals who are below poverty line, while the premium would be low for other people.

The Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan was quoted by The Times of India as saying: "At present, health insurance touches about 25% of population.

"We will spread the population of the insured rapidly, resulting in sharp fall in premium rates and many consumer benefits."

The scheme will allow every person to access tertiary health services, noted minister.

An autonomous UHAM agency will be created to carry out above-board operations, and also for the genuine protection of the insured, according to minister.

In addition, minister said that three new bills to regulate health research and facilitate clinical practices in areas such as surrogacy and new systems of medicine have been finalized.

Image: Indian government to introduce new health insurance scheme. Photo: courtesy of Stuart Miles/