US-based IMA, a subsidary of IMA Financial Group is revolutionizing its current benefits practice into IMA Benefits, a new entity in which the placement of insurance is offered to assist employers total complete workforce asset management.

IMA Benefits is ideally positioned to lead the transformation of how employee benefits are delivered due to its strong market presence, penetration in the middle market, and tenured practices in Health Risk Management, Employee Benefits and Risk Retention programs.

According to IMA, IMA Benefits is also aligned to fully integrate health risk management with employee benefits to help employers address their cost drivers and bend the trend of double-digit health care cost increases.

IMA Benefits is the new home of the benefits practice groups in IMA of Kansas, IMA of North East Kansas, IMA of Texas and IMA of Colorado. The retirement and executive benefits specialists from TrueNorth, IMA’s asset management subsidiary, will also work closely with IMA Benefits.

In additoin the company has appointed Benshoof as president of IMA Benefits, where Bob Reiter as president of IMA of Colorado while retaining his current role of president of IMA.

The IMA Financial Group president Rob Cohen said IMA is creating IMA Benefits so that we’re well positioned for the future in a changing benefits world.

"Benefits consulting and servicing will be delivered in new ways going forward, and IMA is poised to help grow a new benefits marketplace and lead in creating a new type of brokerage," Cohen said.