Sweden-based furniture company IKEA Group is reportedly planning to enter into the insurance sector.

The company plans to test trial sales of different policies at select stores within the next few weeks, reports The Wall Street Journal.

Already, the firm sold child and pregnancy insurance Omifall, earlier this month, at its selected stores in Sweden, and further plans to extend the offering to home-insurance products.

Initially, the company is targeting 2.5 million members from its loyalty club in Sweden.

IKEA’s business unit Ikano Group is said to handle child and home-insurance products, which provided insurance earlier.

A person familiar with the matter was quoted by the news agency as saying: "This is the first time daddy properly lets the sons’ company into IKEA."

In Sweden, IKEA also launched a trial in 2012 to test the selling of television sets and loudspeakers, which were launched later globally.