C&B provides value-added service to its clients

Cottingham and Butler (C&B) has selected iFastrack of GG-One Software, a provider of software to track contracts and insurance certificates, to facilitate clients in reducing business risks and limit liabilities.

C&B will provide value-added service to its clients by allowing access to iFastrack for tracking insurance certificates and contracts.

iFastrack helps to minimise risk by tracking vendor contracts and insurance, including expirations, coverage limits and other critical items. It also reduces exposure from non-employee work accidents by offering automated review and notification of missing/expired policies.

Robert Wuebker, Account Manager, C&B, said: “We felt iFastrack would provide not only the most comprehensive contract and certificate management program for our clients, but also the most efficient to be used. When we presented a dry-run of iFastrack to a few clients, they were all impressed and expressed enthusiasm on the possibility of having access to such a program.”

Headquartered in Iowa, Cottingham & Butler provides employee benefits and risk management service.