Insurance group ICW has launched DIC Program, its new offering for homeowner's associations and multi-family condos that provides expanded coverage for buildings of wood frame construction built after 1975.

The new DIC Program is exclusively being offered through ICW Group’s member companies and is currently not available from other carriers.

The enhanced condo/homeowner’s (condo/HOA) associations program expands building definitions to include foundations, ground floor and subterranean parking, unit-owners’ permanent fixtures, and coverage for maintenance fees and association dues up to the requested limit.

The program also provides automatic coverage for underground utilities, electronic and computer equipment, valuable papers and records, architectural and engineering costs, and additional security. Optional coverages are available for additional property and appurtenant structures, such as fences, gates, and pools.

Kim Anthony, assistant vice president of DIC Program at ICW, said: As first to market with this enhanced program, we recognized the need to provide our wholesale broker partners with an opportunity to better serve their condo/HOA clients. With this specialized program, their clients can now secure more comprehensive protection.