ICICI Prudential Life Insurance claims that the new offering from it is an easy to use and convenient service touch-point for customers

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AI-based voice chatbot on Google Assistant launched by ICICI Prudential Life Insurance. (Credit: William Iven from Pixabay)

ICICI Prudential Life Insurance has rolled out an artificial intelligence (AI) powered customer service voice chatbot called ‘LiGo’ on Google Assistant for carrying out self-service transactions.

LiGo is said to have been designed to enable the Indian life insurer’s policyholders to get their queries addressed by giving simple voice commands. Examples of these are “Ok Google, I want to speak to ICICI Prudential Life LiGo” or “May I talk to ICICI Prudential Life LiGo”, said the company.

According to the company, following the launch of the AI-powered chatbot, it has added another layer of convenience for its policyholders by growing its innovation quotient by tapping into artificial intelligence and other digital technologies.

It further said that extending the functionalities of its voice chatbot to Google Assistant is part of its ploy to put its brand on platforms preferred by customers and to provide them an immersive experience.

The life insurer said that by activating ‘Google Assistant’ on their Android smartphones and telling out either their policy number or registered phone number, customers get to access details of their policies instantly.

ICICI Prudential Life Insurance CEO comments on the new voice chatbot service on Google Assistant

ICICI Prudential Life Insurance managing director and CEO N S Kannan said: “Catering to the evolving needs of our customers, we have enabled our customer service voice bot LiGo on ‘Google Assistant’, making it accessible on all platforms and devices it is available on. Accessing policy information based on voice commands provides unmatched convenience and instant gratification.

“With the addition of this digital enabler, there will be a transformation in the way customers interact with the Company. We will continue to innovate to further empower our customers.”

The Indian life insurance firm said that by utilising new-age technologies, it has rolled out a range of digital enablers to address all the requirements of a customer during the policy lifecycle.

Its digital enablers can be used by customers for carrying out online transactions regarding their policies. Furthermore, the company said that its digital enablers which include WhatsApp, its own website, mobile app, and Chatbot LiGo are nearly the same as a virtual branch.

ICICI Prudential Life Insurance claimed further that on its chatbot LiGo, nearly 3.5 lakh voice chats per month are carried out and that customers can tap into any of its digital enablers to undertake a range of transactions. The life insurer is promoted by Indian private lender ICICI Bank and UK-based Prudential.