IBM, Taiyo Life Insurance and T&D Information System have built a virtual client environment in order to improve the operational workflow of Taiyo Life Insurance by utilizing the IBM Smart Business Desktop.

Taiyo Life Insurance had developed an application for mission critical operations, known as ‘operational work flow’, which integrates insurance operations from new contract creation and maintenance to payment.

To streamline the management and maintenance of IT assets and further enhance security, Taiyo Life Insurance, in conjunction with IBM, built a desktop cloud environment to virtualize the client environment on servers.

This desktop cloud will be utilized for approximately 1,500 personal computers (PCs) dedicated to administration operations that implement the operational work flow.

In addition, Taiyo Life Insurance and T&D Information System, which develops business applications for Taiyo Life Insurance, established a process to outsource some system development operations to Dalian, China, in order to enhance development capability, streamline system development, and reduce cost.

When system development operations are shared with overseas engineers and executed concurrently to optimize development cost and period, development capability can be enhanced.