Sentinel is expected to help IAC gain visibility across all file transfers

Insurers Administrative Corporation (IAC) has chosen Axway’s SecureTransport suite with Synchrony Sentinel to protect sensitive health and billing information between insurance companies and medical facilities.

According to IAC, Axway’s Sentinel is expected to help to gain visibility across all file transfers. IAC is in the process of deploying the suite across all its departments. The recent merger of Axway and Tumbleweed in the MFT market has solidified IAC’s decision to deploy Axway’s suite.

Sentinel is expected to manage IAC’s heavy file transfer load including supports secure ad hoc and scheduled file transfers within a company’s infrastructure and with their trading community. It is even likely to provide extended end-to-end visibility services for auditing, reporting, alerting and management of business and technical activity across the ecosystem, said the company.

Ruben Ramirez, director of information technology at IAC, said: “The integration between SecureTransport and Sentinel was exactly what we needed to ensure daily management of our file transfer activity. This opens up a whole new world in terms of reporting and allows us to configure the dashboards to our specific needs.”

Joe Fisher, senior vice president of products and solutions marketing, Axway, said: “More frequently, companies like IAC are taking control of their sensitive customer data and choosing MFT over unsecure FTP. Axway is committed to meeting their demand for solutions that deliver security and efficiency – with visibility throughout the process.”