Would work together to facilitate consumers in health insurance purchasing process

Humana has partnered with Norvax, a health insurance technology solutions provider. As per the agreement, both the companies will work together to facilitate consumers in the shopping process.

Agents and brokers all across the country use the Norvax insurance quote engine to provide instant quotes for HumanaOne plans. Consumers can access this technology directly through Norvax’s consumer website – www.gohealthinsurance.com.

Due to changes taking place in the market, it’s critical for brokers and consumers alike to leverage technology while shopping for health insurance, said the company.

Rohit Ganguly, quality assurance manager of Norvax, said: Like Humana, we have long believed Internet-based technologies that provide a complete shopping experience is the best solution consumers looking for health insurance. Humana is a great partner in the effort to make the shopping experience more streamline, especially in light of the potential health reform changes.

Humana is a US-based provider of health insurance, offering a suite of plans, options, and deductible levels to help individuals choose and use their benefits.