Humana, a health and supplemental benefits company, has appointed Christopher Todoroff as senior vice president and general counsel for the firm, effective August 4, 2008.

Mr Todoroff will replace senior vice president Arthur Hipwell, who joined Humana in 1979 and served as general counsel for nearly 15 years.

Mr Todoroff is currently vice president and senior corporate counsel for Aetna. He joined Aetna in 1995, and has assumed increasing responsibility since then. He is accountable for all of Aetna’s corporate governance activities and has played a key role as senior counsel for a range of critical areas including mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance, risk management, and investments, among others.

Michael McCallister, president and CEO of Humana, said: Christopher Todoroff brings wide-ranging experience, proven effectiveness and profound industry insight to his new role. At Aetna, where he leads the law department’s corporate section, he works closely with the board of directors and has been a strong contributor to that company’s success over many years.