mPassport service includes 5,500 health professionals in 180 countries

HTH Worldwide has disclosed that its TripProtector insurance plans are now available with sickness, accident and medical evacuation benefits of up to $1m, and medical assistance services that include direct payment to participating doctors and hospitals in over 180 countries.

Brendan Sharkey, director of individual products at HTH Worldwide, said: Trip protection or trip cancellation plans often expose policyholders to thousands of dollars of medical expense and in need of a separate supplemental medical policy. Now travelers can enjoy robust trip protection coverage plus superior medical benefits — and the peace of mind they bring — when they buy it all in one package: HTH’s TripProtector.

HTH combines global health and safety databases available online and on mobile phones via HTH’s mPassport service that includes international physician community over 5,500 health professionals in over 180 countries.