HP Enterprise Services has signed a seven-year agreement with National Account Service Company (NASCO), an Atlanta-Based insurance claims processor, to enable NASCO to expand its membership while lowering costs.

Under the agreement, HP will enhance and maintain NASCO’s custom version of MetaVance, HP’s integrated enterprise system that enables healthcare organizations to administer program benefits. MetaVance is expected to offer NASCO a more flexible membership and billing solution with faster time to market for new products and services that support its growing membership.

HP will also provide applications development and management services for NASCO’s MetaVance system, enhancing its performance, quality and reliability, and offering service levels linked to business performance indicators.

Sean Kenny, SVP of worldwide applications and business process outsourcing at HP Enterprise Services, said: “The healthcare industry is undergoing fundamental changes and the need to adapt quickly is the key to success. HP will continue to work with NASCO to create a MetaVance solution that meets their needs as the industry evolves and their business grows.”