Using SAS Enterprise BI Server, the health insurer can pull data from multiple sources and create reports automatically

Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey (Horizon BCBSNJ), a health insurer, has opted for SAS to create utilisation and disease management dashboards. The company has taken this step in response to the customers’ increasing demand for sophisticated information to manage expenses.

Using SAS Enterprise BI Server, the health insurer pulls data from multiple sources and creates reports automatically.

Prior to SAS, it took one person two weeks every month to create disease-management utilisation reports for each large customer. After installing SAS, the Informatics Group was delivering automated 14-page disease management and health reports for major customers.

Mike Occhipinti, manager of informatics at Horizon BCBSNJ, said: “Our executives see this consolidated and easy-to-understand data as a huge benefit. Our internal customers love that they can log on and view a customised up-to-date dashboard in 30 seconds or less. The business analytics supplied by the Informatics Group support 70 major corporate projects. Achieving 5% more value for just one project can be worth millions. SAS has become absolutely mission critical.