South Africa's independent insurer Hollard Insurance has introduced a new ClaimsCard, designed to enable claimants and the insurance company to make claims payment process easily.

Launched in collaboration with MasterCard Worldwide,ValueCard, Opengate and Tutuka, the ClaimsCard features filtering technology and enables claimants to replace goods covered by a specific claim at participating retailers while providing value-added service.

Tutuka marketing director Drisha Nair said that claimants can use Hollard ClaimsCard to purchase power back to replace lost, stolen or damaged goods almost immediately.

Hollard group procurement manager Arie Ridder said, "The filtering technology offers customers a convenient, secure, and efficient purchasing solution and simultaneously enables us to better manage our claims processes."

The new system also enables customers to replace goods from more than 2,000 retailers including jewelry stores, electronics outlets, furniture, and clothing suppliers across South Africa.