Coverage for HIV infection has finally reached the more remote central regions of the world's most populous nation, China, through a new offering from a an insurer in the country.

Thanks to the China Taiping Life Insurance Co, the inhabitants of Henan province in the center of China will now have access to HIV insurance cover. Available policies will pay out up to $37,050, the US equivalent of Y300,000 in the unfortunate event of HIV infection.

Accessing the service through China Taiping’s Henan Provincial Branch, policyholders will pay an annual premium of $1.6 to secure a $1,235 payout if they are infected with HIV during the year. Those who take up the coverage can also opt to pay up to $48 in annual premiums to attain the maximum insured amount of $37,050.

The new product, which was authorized by the China Insurance Regulatory Commission in early October, represents the arrival of a new phase in China’s attitude to personal and health insurance cover.

According to a report from China Daily, the policies are designed principally for companies, hospitals and law enforcement organizations to buy for their staff.