Hiscox USA has expanded its professional liability and general liability policies to allied health professionals, in 21 states, including Texas and Florida, US.

With the new offering, the self-employed professionals in the health, beauty and well-being industries for the first time will be capable of directly purchasing insurance services, which are ideal to the specific risks of their industry to help protect against potential claims and lawsuits, even if they are unwarranted.

The industries include acupuncture/acupressure services, art therapy, audiology services, barber/hair styling, beautician/cosmetology services, dance/drama therapy, dietitians/nutritionists, aesthetician services, first aid and CPR training, hypnosis, marriage and family therapy.

Also included are massage therapy, mental health counselling, music therapy, nail technician services, occupational therapy, personal/fitness training, psychology, social work services, speech therapy, substance abuse counselling, and yoga/pilates/dance instruction.

Hiscox USA small business insurance expert Kevin Kerridge said the company’s new offering provides affordable, direct coverage, which safeguards the allied health professionals from common risks.

"We understand that even the smallest claims can have a significant impact on self-employed professionals and we want to make certain that these small businesses have the resources and tools necessary to protect their business,” Kerridge added.

The company is planning to also expand the offering in California, Illinois and New York in late 2012.