Health insurer Health Insurance Innovations (HII) has rolled out HealtheMed STM plan (Short-Term Medical) in collaboration with HCC Life Insurance Company (HCC), which caters medical stop loss, group term and short term medical insurance.

The new policy has been designed to provide tailored, reasonably priced, high-quality short-term, limited-duration insurance to plug the gaps in medical coverage.

Designed keeping in view the requirements of new hires, early retirees, recently naturalized citizens, and college graduates, the policy can be purchased for up to six or eleven months, according to their location.

Health Insurance Innovations president & CEO Mike Kosloske said HII’s new short-term medical plan with HCC is being launched in 45 states.

"HII’s commitment to making short-term medical available to and affordable for every American who needs coverage, and HCC Life’s track-record of underwriting highly-successful niche insurance products, creates a strong and long-lasting partnership that will benefit the U.S. consumer," Kosloske added.

Indiana-domiciled life insurance company, HCC Life offers an array of health insurance products, including medical stop loss, group term and short term medical insurance.

Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, HII develops tailored and affordable, high-quality health insurance products and supplemental services through partnerships with other carriers.