In a deal that should help strengthen its footprint in Europe, DriveCam has partnered with Aviva subsidiary Hibernian General Insurance to exclusively offer its behavior-based risk management solution to fleet customers in Ireland throughout 2007.

Currently, accident rates in Ireland are among the highest in the European Union. DriveCam says that its solution provides a proven approach to reducing claims costs and saving lives by improving the way people drive. Improved driving behavior can also reduce fuel consumption by 5% to 10%, with additional savings in vehicle maintenance.

As part of the agreement, Hibernian has signed a deal with truck and bus manufacturer Westward Scania Ireland, bundling the DriveCam solution with monthly lease costs for all vehicles. At the core of Hibernian’s driver safety initiatives, the DriveCam solution will also enhance the existing RiskAsyst program, an effort to help small- to medium-sized enterprises comply with existing health and safety legislation.

We are pleased to offer DriveCam’s solution to Hibernian’s fleet customers, said Eric Shishko, executive vice president of worldwide business development for DriveCam. The company’s creative approach and track record in promoting road safety through initiatives such as the Ignition program made the company an obvious choice for us. Together, we can aid customers in mitigating risk and reducing claims costs.

In addition to its work in Ireland, DriveCam is planning to expand throughout Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK with a focus on five industry sector verticals: concrete and construction, haulage, transit, utilities and waste and sanitation. The company also plans to continue securing partnerships in insurance.