Heritage Union Life Insurance Company, a provider of income protection life insurance, has entered into a partnership with Parsonex Capital Management to provide Heritage Union's SalaryShield income protection life insurance product.

According to Heritage Union, the SalaryShield income protection life insurance product is designed to provide to protect the income an American family relies on, up to $200,000 a year. In case of death, the insured families would receive a check each month, until the age would have been 65.

Phil Walker, chief executive officer of Heritage Union, said: We’re extremely impressed with the Parsonex team and their passion for getting the most value for their customers. This partnership is a big step toward our goal of helping 1 million American families protect their incomes.

SalaryShield is a perfect fit for Parsonex’s clients because it ensures that the income that supports day-to-day living and long-term retirement planning will continue following the death of a breadwinner. And, because coverage automatically adjusts as the need for insurance declines over time, SalaryShield provides high levels of protection affordably.

Heritage Union provides life insurance products for middle class American families to help them protect their income in the face of premature death.