An integrated payments portal that allows healthcare providers to confirm patient insurance eligibility and payment responsibility

Heartland Payment Systems, a payments processor services firm, has released ConfirmPay, powered by TransEngen. TransEngen’s technology streamlines the healthcare payment process and improves revenue cycles.

Reportedly, ConfirmPay is an integrated payments portal and healthcare eligibility verification system that allows healthcare providers to confirm patient insurance eligibility and payment responsibility in real time at the point of care. Heartland Payment Systems has said that this new product enables healthcare providers to better manage their patient receivables and cash flow by bringing benefits transparency to the point of care and simplifying the payment process.

The company has added that ConfirmPay streamlines workflow enabling practice administrators to spend less time verifying a patient’s eligibility. Using a web-based portal, personnel can retrieve eligibility and benefit information including remaining deductible balances, co-pay and co-insurance amounts as well as estimate the amount a patient will pay based on specific CPT and HCPC procedures and services performed. ConfirmPay processes all electronic payments including ACH and credit/debit cards, as well as paper checks, by converting them to electronic fund transfers.

Additionally, ConfirmPay also enables a provider to obtain a form of payment from the patient at the point of care for future processing through a secure card-on-file feature. Moreover, for added flexibility and efficiency, healthcare providers can import patient demographics, organize patient payment history, arrange recurring billing and other payment plans and export daily transaction reports into their practice management or patient billing systems.

William Collins, senior director at Heartland Payment Systems, said: “Instead of waiting for a claim to be adjudicated to determine a patient’s payment responsibility, providers can now know that information in minutes and accept a patient’s payment at the point of care. Patients benefit from easy-to-understand statements that eliminate the surprise of receiving invoices from providers months after receiving care.”