To meet budget and predictability needs for new and prospective members

Health Net of Arizona has introduced health coverage solutions for the Arizonans. The company has introduced four plans intended to meet the budget and predictability needs for new and prospective members as per its 2010 Individual and Family plan line-up.

The new value plan line-up includes four PPO plans with deductible amounts ranging from $3,500 to $10,000. All provide dependable copays and 100% coinsurance for in-network coverage.

The cost-saving alternatives provide a range of medical coverage and are a simple approach to offering people the option to keep health insurance coverage on the table.

Chris Porterfield, sales manager of Individual and Family Plan at Health Net of Arizona, said: “Our Value plans offer ‘Real Coverage. Other plans in the marketplace might offer health coverage with reduced rates, but often the medical coverage is drastically compromised. Health Net of Arizona members have come to expect and appreciate the substantial amount of medical coverage that we continue to provide.

“We’re pleased to share that existing members of Health Net of Arizona’s Individual and Family Plans will experience no rate increases on January 1, 2010. Our plans are easy to use and understand and are affordable, a combination that is truly valuable in today’s economy.”

Apart from the four PPO value plans, the company also offers an HMO plan and HSA-Compatible PPO plans, in which the deductibles are now embedded, another enhancement for 2010.