Health Net of California has expanded its Silver HMO Network plan in Northern California, and launched its value-oriented plan Bronze HMO network in Southern California, in an effort to provide health plans that help employers adapt to the still-challenging economy.

According to Health Net, Silver HMO plan gives employers premium savings up to 15% less for the same plan designs as its full statewide network of primary care physicians and specialists, while Bronze HMO provides the opportunity for even greater savings.

Health Net said that its Silver HMO network is now available to members with employer-sponsored coverage and who live or work in Santa Clara or Stanislaus counties. HMO Bronze network in Los Angeles, San Bernardino and San Diego counties consists of nearly 5,000 primary care physicians and specialists who contract with Health Net.

Steven Sell, president of Health Net’s western region health plan, said: With the Bronze network, employers have the opportunity for savings that are even greater than what’s available through the Silver network. The greater degree of affordability will help many employers stay within their budgets while providing an essential benefit for their employees.