HDI-Gerling Italia, the Italian branch of German-based insurance group HDI-Gerling, has selected SAS' Data Quality solution, to achieve more focused monitoring and view results in a corporate context.

SAS has said that HDI-Gerling opted the solution to help classify and manage customer data more efficiently, create a company standard for data management and reporting as well as to reduce administrative mistakes.

According SAS, the German headquarters is also planning to adopt the SAS solutions piloted in Italy at a corporate level to communicate enterprise wide data drawn from diverse systems and countries. HDI-Gerling has operations in 28 countries.

HDI-Gerling Italia head of Controlling and IT Giorgio Benedetti said the company’s risk analysis can share client information in a structured and systematic way. For example, someone on the liability insurance team can analyze customer data for other business opportunities, such as fire or theft.

In addition to data management and reporting, SAS helps identify up-selling and cross-selling opportunities to existing customers for HDI-Gerling,Benedetti said.