The Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company (HSB) has introduced a new homeowners insurance concept, HomeWorks, intended to reduce energy usage for homeowners while saving money.

HSB executive vice president Anthony Trivella said, "When they add our program to their policies, HSB HomeWorks provides coverage and energy-savings tools that can re-energize and elevate their homeowners products."

In order to assist policyholders in operating their homes more efficiently, the new insurance concept provides broadest breakdown coverage for heating, cooling, water and power, security and other home systems, appliances and electronics.

Designed to safeguard and manage personal information, HSB HomeWorks offers Simple-to-use tools to calculate energy score, estimate potential cost savings, and follow customized steps to improve efficiency and lower expenses for policyholders.

The new service also enables homeowners to reduce energy expenses such as including switching electricity suppliers to the lowest-cost provider in deregulated states.