The Hartford Financial Services Group has entered into strategic alliance with Intelleflex to reduce the amount of produce lost and improve the overall quality of produce during the distribution process from the grower to the retailer.

The new partnership, which is through The Hartford’s corporate venture division Hartford Ventures, is aimed at enabling The Hartford to enhance its loss control and underwriting practices.

The alliance focuses on the application of the Intelleflex XC3 Technology RFID readers and tags. Placed in pallets of produce at harvest, the tags continuously monitor the temperature and condition of produce as it travels through the distribution process, calculating the remaining shelf life.

This provides shippers, distributors and retailers with the ability to route product to maximize quality, salability and reduce unnecessary perishable waste.

The data captured by the Intelleflex temperature monitoring solution will also enable The Hartford to innovate within the marine insurance market, which includes ground, air and sea transportation.

Intelleflex CEO Peter Mehring said its alliance with The Hartford will provide perishable supply chain managers with the knowledge they need to implement practical, cost effective solutions that cut waste and maximize profits.