To include well child day care centers

Harleysville Insurance has said that it is adding well child day care centers to the list of accounts that can be insured under its OthersFirst Protection Package.

The third new product introduced under Harleysville’s StarAdvantage Series, OthersFirst is directed to the needs of the human services industry, and more specifically on people with physical or intellectual disabilities, the disadvantaged, the elderly and those requiring special care and assistance.

Harleysville is making OthersFirst available to licensed facilities that serve children without special needs such as before and after-school day care programs, child and infant day care centers, nursery schools, and preschools.

Kevin Toth, senior vice president and chief underwriting officer of Harleysville, said: “OthersFirst has gained significant momentum in the marketplace since being introduced earlier this year because of the flexibility it offers to deliver a competitive product that is customized to the specific needs of this important market. We believe we have developed a product that competes well with any other in today’s market in terms of coverage features, pricing and agent compensation.”