The Hanover Insurance Group (THG), a provider of property and casualty insurance, has introduced an array of healthcare services to assist the agents to benefit from the fast growing health insurance market.

Backed by enhanced capabilities in developing areas of healthcare industry, including allied healthcare centers and home healthcare and medical equipment, Hanover has plans for new capabilities for eldercare facilities to a select group of agent partners.

The underwriter said that the tailored industry services are able to fulfill the distinctive needs of healthcare businesses with a diverse group of protection and service.

The Hanover’s limited distribution network of agents and brokers will work closely with small to mid-sized medical businesses to build tailored services that address their requirements.

Hanover Healthcare president Matthew Mitchell said, "Our solution addresses the distinctive needs of these businesses and aligns with the local expertise of our agent partners, demonstrating our commitment to industry specialization and capitalizing on emerging opportunities."

James Ramsdell was hired as assistant vice president to focus on the elder care business.

Besides underwriting business at Lloyd’s of London in several major insurance and reinsurance classes, Hanover offers property and casualty products and services to businesses, individuals, and families.