Hannover Life Reassurance of America, a North American life and health reinsurance subsidiary of Hannover Re Group, has introduced new version of a web-based guide ASCENT, which provides current information required for assessing risks.

Hannover Life Re senior vice president and chief underwriter Kevin Oldani said the new release demonstrates the company’s commitment to continuously refine its underwriting manual based on the needs of its client companies.

Designed to meet the needs of Underwriters, the newly launched web-based guide features updates to several medical conditions based on the latest medical research, according to Hannover Life Re.

Other significant updates to the manual include addition and/or revised a number of state-of-the-art medical calculators, including the new CAD disease severity calculator.

The interactive heart diagram enables the user to select the amount of coronary obstruction in each vessel from dropdown boxes, while the disease severity level is updated in real-time.

The guide incorporates a wealth of supporting documentation, illustrations, considerations, and other tools while also making all ratings accessible in just two clicks if desired.