Global employee benefits advisor Hanna Global Solutions (HGS) has rolled out its US Healthcare Exchange services, which has been created considering the requirements of Indian firms with employees in the US.

Developed in collaboration with US diversified health care company UnitedHealthcare, the new service delivers employers better cost management, lesser administrative expenses and compliance with new US health care regulations for January 2014.

The company said that HGS healthcare marketplace will provide firms with more choice, greater control and the opportunity to buy a health benefit plan that meets their unique needs.

Besides selecting medical insurance, employees can also choose dental, vision, life and disability insurance plans from exchange.

HGS COO Mathew Augustine said that the new service will ease the pressure of Indian IT Service companies with operations in the US, who face a multitude of challenges posed by their business model, due to changing regulatory and economic environments.

The HGS exchange offers an array of health benefit plans, and allows companies to pick up the best policies to meet the personal needs of their workers. A staff with high medical needs can select the richer plan, but will pay more for that coverage.

Currently Hanna Global and UnitedHealthcare collectively serve more than 100,000 employees and their family members living in the US.