Halifax Travel Insurance, part of the Lloyds Banking Group, has launched a new travel disruption cover as standard on all standalone Halifax travel insurance policies.

According to the Halifax, the new policy includes cover for cancellation or curtailment of a trip due to a range of causes, such as airline insolvency.

It also includes substitute accommodation cover, replacement flight, and enforced stay cover for travelers who find themselves unable to fly home through no fault of their own.

The cover is also provided for car hire, kennel/cattery fees, and airport parking should travelers find themselves stranded.

Halifax Travel Insurance marketing director Lindsay Forster said that many more people opt to travel independently now, and are finding that when plans go awry due to unforeseen circumstances, there are some gaps in traditional travel insurance products which may leave them out of pocket.

"Our new travel disruption cover fills many of those gaps, giving independent travellers greater peace of mind," Forster said.

Halifax said the events such as recent volcanic ash cloud, severe weather, terrorist threats and diseases such as swine flu have disrupted travel plans for many people, have illustrated the need for insurers to adapt to the changing needs of travelers, particularly those traveling independently, who are not protected by a tour operator if plans are disrupted.