Guy Carpenter & Company has introduced an integrated portfolio management tool, GC ProfitPoint+, aimed to assist insurance companies in enhancing profitability, underwriting performance and drive growth.

Guy Carpenter US Operations CEO Andrew Marcell said that GC ProfitPoint+ will transform the way insurers view risk and develop business strategy.

According to GC Analytics – Americas head John Tedeschi the new technology will help insurers reach their long-term business goals and gain a competitive advantage in the market.

The GC ProfitPoint+ is a single, easy-to-use service, designed to provide portfolio planning and point-of-sale capabilities for insurers to set, calibrate and monitor risk management strategy.

In addition to assisting in informed decisions on individual policies prior to binding for line underwriters and agents, the tool also assists line underwriters with point-of-sale decision-making about individual risks by integrating the solution into insurers underwriting systems.