The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America (Guardian), has unveiled a new feature to its flagship ProVider Plus portfolio known as Guardian’s Lump Sum Disability Benefit Rider.

Berkshire Life Insurance Company of America president Gordon Dinsmore said this Lump Sum Disability Benefit Rider sets Guardian apart.

"In surveying professionals, we quickly surmised that receiving a lump-sum benefit was more appealing to them than other types of lifetime-structured benefits, for the sense of control it gave them over how and when to deploy their assets," Dinsmore said.

Guardian’s new feature will provide the client with benefits following the expiry of the policy at age 65 or 67, depending on the policy configuration.

The company said that the patent-pending rider feature will pay at once, lump-sum benefit of 35% of all benefits paid for complete or residual disability over the policy life.