The Ocean Marine division separately introduced clean marina endorsement

Great American Life Insurance Company (Great American), a subsidiary of Great American Financial Resources (GAFRI) a provider of fixed, indexed and variable annuities and supplemental insurance, has introduced Safe Return. Its a single premium fixed-indexed annuity product designed for wealth protection and growth potential.

According to the company, Safe Return product lineup provides clients security of a bailout cap and return of premium feature. In Bailout cap, if the renewal cap is lower than the bailout cap, clients will be notified to draw away from penalty. Return of premium helps clients choose to surrender their contract at any time.

Malott Nyhart, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Single Premium Group, GAFRI, said: “Both the bailout cap and return of premium features give the client much more investment protection, with the ultimate goal of providing retirement income.”

Separately, Great American’ Ocean Marine division, a provider of marine and environmental insurance coverage, has introduced a policy endorsement that recognises the efforts of insured marina owners who achieve ‘Clean Marina’ status.

The goal of these programs is to contribute to the protection of water quality, in order to benefit and protect current facilities and future generations.