Great American Insurance has partnered with SafetyFirst Systems to offer a new programme that helps profit and non-profit organisations to identify their volunteers and employees taking aggressive risks during driving .

The early warning system helps managers to train employees or volunteers on proper driving procedures by providing timely, credible information about the incident and materials benefitting the policyholder with a positive public image and greater driver awareness.

The programme features a monthly training programme, covering topics such as road rage, drowsy driving, avoiding pedestrian collisions, and coping with poor visibility.

The programme begins with the installation of uniquely numbered decals on selected vehicles which also includes a toll-free number for motorists to call if they see risk-taking behaviours.

The information is collected by SafetyFirst’s call centre and is then sent to the policyholder along with a monthly summary.

If utilised consistently, the programme will help reduce the crash rate by up to 20 to 30%, and can be included in the cost of the policy for qualifying policyholders.