"E-application" platform now spans 25 US states

GoHealthInsurance.com, an online health insurance exchange, has added a new online application to their technology platform for UnitedHealthOne coverage in Maryland.

Maryland residents can choose from a variety of health insurance options from UnitedHealthOne, including the Saver plans, HSA plans or Copay plans. These plans offer benefits spanning from full, comprehensive coverage to catastrophic major medical coverage only.

Rohit Ganguly, IT and quality assurance manager at Norvax, the parent company of GoHealthInsurance.com, said The main point behind continuously expanding our E-application technology is to provide consumers in every corner of the country with an easy solution for shopping and applying for affordable coverage.”

UnitedHealthOne is a provider of individual health insurance plans through UnitedHealthcare, a health insurer with more than 70 million members.

The GoHealthInsurance E-application platform now spans 25 U.S. states with the addition of UnitedHealthOne health plans in Maryland.