With the acquisition of WKA, Global Risk Solutions aims to expand its product offerings, business lines across large and complex property claims

Global Risk Solutions

GRS acquires WKA specialising in claims and litigation management. (Credit: Pixabay/Gerd Altmann)

Global Risk Solutions, a Florida-based property and casualty agency, has acquired William Kramer & Associates (WKA) for an undisclosed amount.

Established in 1997, William Kramer & Associates is a Connecticut-based agency that specialises in large and complex claims and litigation management.

The agency was established to cater to the market demand for high-quality loss adjustment services across several product lines such as property, casualty, account management, fidelity, and surety.

The firm focuses on the upper end of the market which includes major corporations, self-insured retentions and catastrophic losses.

By acquiring WKA and its team could help GRS in expanding its product offerings, business lines and market presence across the world.

The Complex Claims Solutions (CCS) of GRS specialises in large and complex property claims, where third-party losses are often involved. WKA adjusters who are experienced in such claims across a range of industries such as oil and gas, energy, mining, manufacturing, and real estate, can support GRS in such claims.

Global Risk Solutions CEO and president Arthur Radigan said: “With WKA joining our Complex Claims Solutions business unit, we have a much greater presence in global markets, a brand name in that space, and deep expertise.

“We are continuing to enhance our ability to handle the largest industrial claims in the USA and other parts of the world, complementing also our Environmental Risk Management Solutions Group.”

William Kramer & Associates president comments on acquisition

William Kramer & Associates president William Kramer said: “This acquisition is good news for WKA clients. As part of GRS, we now can offer smaller property and casualty claim services as well as environmental risk management services.

“GRS has a long track record of excelling in those areas of the business. We’ve always admired the capabilities of GRS, and we see this acquisition as highly positive for serving our clients together.”

Radigan continued saying: “Both GRS and WKA have similar business cultures and are focused on building long-lasting business relationships.

“Both companies believe in always doing the right thing, putting customers first, doing what we say we will do, and being innovative.”