The cost of car insurance for young women in the UK has risen because of a trend for modifying their cars, earning them the tag 'girl racers', according to a report.

Policies for female drivers aged between 21 and 25 rose by almost GBP8 to GBP571.62 in the second quarter, against a trend of falling premiums in the industry as the average policy fell slightly from GBP555.66 to GBP554.96.

Price comparison website has blamed the increase in premiums for women aged between 21-25 on a trend for accessories such as spoilers, wide exhausts and alloy wheels. Any modifications which push up the value of cars make them more likely to be stolen, which increases the cost of the policy, the report said. said that 18% of women car drivers in the age group had made modifications to their vehicles.

The increase in women customizing their cars is said to be inspired by the TV motor makeover show ‘Pimp My Ride’. said that the most popular modifications are alloy wheels, followed by an oversized exhaust manifold, a rear spoiler and lowered suspension.